“Se tu segui tua stella”

Palazzo dei Diamanti, Sala Polivalente, Ferrara, 1985   

Per Marina.

The Sacred _ it is sought and lived in the acts of liberty - You are looking for the Sacred, your Lunar Sacredness, in the labyrinths of profane symbols and repetition   .

Working with newspapers - a sign of ordinariness, of designification. So say dying sceptics.

Working with newspaper - a sign of conceit, the Sacred Conceit witch is Art itself, the conceit of those who would be Magicians.

And you are a Magician when you make the defenseless live again with "solve et coagula" of ancient times.

When an event is "fixed" by print we have the first "coagula" on paper, their paper. Then there follows its transmutation into information along with absorption of the news and the designification of the " paper object". This the first "solve" ( it is a death, too ).

It is then that you appear, recreator, magician. The dead object lives again in the forms you create for it, and in your dreams. It is the "newsprint object" your paper, that undergoes the resignification of the " abandoned object". It is defineceless life once more, and then you, already a magician of dreams and colours, become something which perhaps even you could never dream of being - a magician of the impossible.

                                                                              Sergio Rendine

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